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Yap Island Mission Loss—23 June 1944

The following plane was lost on 23 June 1944 on a mission to Yap Island. I would greatly appreciate anyone's help to locate additional information regarding the information listed below.Submit additional information, updates, newpaper articles, pictures, and supporting documents to:

Date: Plane Type: Unit: Crew Names: Supporting Documents:
23 June 1944 B-24J

13th AF, 5th BG, & 23rd BS All 10 Men listed as MIA:
  1. William M. Bolton
  2. Wesley D. Christiansen
  3. Louis G. Mossburg
  4. William L. Jr. Reilly
  5. Earl F. Jones
  6. James W. Trotter
  7. Norbert Bigley
  8. Hyman Larner
  9. Lurther S. Satterfied
  10. Herbert T. Barrow
Sept 1946 Graves Registration Document
(pdf file 1.5 MB)

MACR 6382

AC# 42-110134

MACR #5807
(pdf file 22 MB)

Grave Registration Services Memo, Sept 1946


Shot down by Japanese fighters 5 minutes south of Yap Island.

Bolton Crew Picture

Bolton Crew
Bolton Crew: (Left to Right) " Front row: Sgt. Satterfield (tail gunner), Sgt. Barrow, S/Sgt. Daywalt (third engineer), T. Sgt. Bigley (radio), and S/Sgt. Trutter (engineer). " Back row: T.Sgt. Jones (engineer), 1st Lt. Riley (bombardier), 1st Lt. Mossberg, 1st. Lt. Christensen (copilot) and 1st Lt. Bolton (pilot).

Bolton Crew
Bolton Crew: Crew of Lil Jo Toddy. (Left to Right) " Front row: T/Sgt. Jones (engineer), S/Sgt. Daywalt (engineer), S/Sgt. Trotter (engineer), Sgt. Barrow (waist gunner), T/Sgt. Bigley (radio operator), and Sgt. Satterfield (tail gunner). " Back row: Lt. Bolton (pilot), Lt. Riley (bombardier), Lt. Mossbury (navigator) and Lt. Christensen (copilot).

Bolton Crew
Sgt. Barrow (waist gunner)

Mossburg Family Pictures and Documents

The following documents and pictures were shared by Dean "Louis" Mossburg to help document the life of his uncle, Louis Glenn Mossburg. The memorial service booklet provides a nice overvierw of both Louis Glenn Mossburg and William Max Bolton (friends).

    Here are 2 photos of my Uncle, his crew mates and their plane. I have also attached a copy of the program from the memorial service held for my Uncle and pilot, Max Bolton. Max Bolton and my Uncle spent time together in the little Indiana town where they were from.

    I do not know which person is Max Bolton in the pics but my Uncle is in the back row, middle person of the pic where they are standing and in the other group pic he is in the back row, 2nd from the right.

    I also scanned a list of names and maybe service numbers of men that my Uncle completed training with,I am assuming this list of names are guys that my Uncle completed training with? Maybe you can clarify what this list is.

    Thanks again for your efforts to find the whereabouts of your Uncle and to all the other boys that were lost around Yap Island.

    Dean "Louis" Mossburg

The following documents have been shared by the Mossburg family to document the life of Second Lieutenant Louis Mossburg:

Click on an images below to enlarge


Bolton Crew
Bolton Crew
Bolton Crew
Bolton Crew
Purple Heart
Louis Mossburg Purple Heart

President Truman Letter to the family of Louis Mossburg

Possible Tokyo Rose Message about Herbert Barrow?

The following is a transcribed copy of a letter that Dean "Louis" Mossburg Grandmother received from Herbert Barrow's mother regarding her son. The family is wondering if the message received over the radio was some sort of cruel joke played out by Tokyo Rose?
    Mon Jan 1

    I am going to try to tell you all the news that we have had about our son. We hope and pray that the other members of his crew are safe with him. A boy from a small town near us who is in the Navy and is a radio man on the ship USS ??? was listening to some shortwave messages on the 23rd of November. A message he heard was from Tokyo, Japan. It said, "stand by Moultrie,Ga., anyone that hears this please relay to the family of Herbert"( the static took the rest of the name away). Then Herbert talked and this is what he said," My health is good and I am treated good and as happy as can be expected. Send my deepest love to the family." The sailor who had heard this wrote a letter back here and it was put in the newspaper here in Moultrie. After we read it we felt like it was our boy. We went to the Selective Service Board, the men of the board there records and went through them. They said our Herbert was the only boy from this county that had the name Herbert that was missing or gone in anyway. So they said it could not be anybody else but our son. If only we could have heard that message. I wonder if I would have heard it though, but if he is alive and can come home when this is over i will continue trying to be brave and i feel that he is happier if his crew is with him for he was found of each of them.

    Mrs Barrow of Moultrie,Ga

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