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Yap Related Pictures from the National Archives
Located via the Micronesian Seminar

The following images have been reprinted with the permission of the Micronesian Seminar at and the National Archives. No images should be copied or reproduced without permission.

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Location: Ulithi, Yap. A American cemetery on an island in Yap.

Three GI's and five Japanese military men. Yap. 1945.

American planes and ships near Ulithi, Yap. 1944.

A view of a Colonia town in Yap. 1930.

Asor and Ulithi Military cemetery was built for temporary burial of men who died in 3rd Fleet battles. 1944.

The LCT 1290, used in loading the natives. Ulithi, Yap. 1944.

The wrecked TBF. Ulithi, Yap. 1944.

Japanese surrender in Yap. 1945.

AIRPLANES: Consolidated B-24 Liberators over the island of Yap in the Western Carolines. 1944.

AERIAL: Yap,directly between Guam in the Marianas and the Palau Island Group in the Western Carolines, is a by-passed target which has been bombed heavily by 7th AAF Liberators. 1944.

BOMBING: Woleai Island after AAF Consolidated B-24 Liberators smacked the airfield and supply depots with high explosive bombs, hitting the cement runway and taxiway. The island is located halfway between Truk and Palau and is considered vital to the Japanese. Woleai, Yap. 1944

BOMBING: Bombs burst on the airstrip on Woleai Island in the Caroline Island Group to add to the destruction wrought by previous missions. This mission was carried out by planes of the 13th Air Force’s 868th Bombardment Squadron on July 8, 1944. Woleai, Yap. 1944.

BOMBING: Dozens of bombs fall in Yap targets from one of the many raids inflicted by the 7th AAF Liberators. 1944.

BOMBING: Extent of damage from the 7th AAF raids on Yap’s airstrip number one can be seen in this picture of the bomb-pocked airfield and parking areas. A great number of fighter planes are visible. Two twin-engined jobs can be seen on a taxiway almost in...Yap. 1944.

BOMBING: Yap runway (Caroline Island Group) was target on 22 June 1944 for Consolidated B-24 Liberators of 13th Air Task Force, which bombed and destroyed 16 Japanese planes set five fuel trucks afire, and completed the roundtrip of about 2,100 miles with

BOMBING: Installations, runway and planes are destroyed at the Yap Island airstrip in the Caroline Island Group as planes of the 13th Air Force’s 307th Bombardment Group , 424th Bombardment Squadron carry out their mission on June 22, 1944.

BOMBING: Applying the finishing touches to the badly battered island of Yap in the Carolines, these Liberator bombers of the 13th AAF recently blasted a power plant just southwest of Yap town causing large explosions resulting in 4 huge fires with smoke r

BOMBING: Circling for the bomb run of their first attack on Yap August 20, 1944, Consolidated B-24 Liberators of the 7th AAF hit the Japanese base with 40 tons of bombs. The strike extends the current field of action from newly won Marianas bases over 120

BOMBING: LIBERATOR OVER YAP - A U.S. Army 13th Air Force Consolidated B-24 Liberator is shown withdrawing from Yap Island after the formation bombed the strip, equipment, fuel dump and personnel areas during the first daylight raid on the Japanese strongh

BOMBING: LIBERATOR OVER YAP - Consolidated B-24 Liberators of the A U.S. Army 13th Air Force bomb Yap. 1944.

Ammunition dumps and storage buildings at Tarang, Yap, burning as a result of Ens. Hansen’s strafing. Aerial taken by plane from USS Yorktown (CV 10). 7 July 1944. Tarang, Yap.

Building in Yap town burning fiercely as result of bombing by T.G. 58.1, 7 July 1944. Aerial taken by plane from USS Yorktown (CV-10). TBF in foreground. 26 July 1944.

3 helldivers on way to Yap Island to release their destruction bomb loads. Aerial taken by plane from USS Yorktown (CV 10). 26 July 1944.

Aerials of Fais Island. Taken by plane from the USS White Plains (CVE-66). Alt. 400' 1200' (approx). 24 Sept.1944. Fais, Yap. 1944.

American airfield. Ulithi, Yap.

The following pictures are from the National Archives and courtesy of Timothy Schubert.

American attack on Yap Island (1944 or 1945).

Picture taken 16 September 1945. Yap Island grave of a crew member of VMTB-232 shot down on March 16, 1945 on Yap Island. the inscription reads: "To the memory of American pilots who died at the front."

Picture taken 16 September 1945. Wreckage of TBM belonging to VMTB-232 lost over Yap Island on March 16 1945.

Yap Island, August 28, 1945. Japanese plane in center of surrender message.

Yap Island, August 28, 1945. Copy of picture of SB2C over Yaptown on August 28, 1945 after message appeared on the airstrip.

Yap Island, August 28, 1945. Yap town in ruins.

Yap Island, August 28, 1945. Japanese message on the airstrip reads, " Understood. Wait for a few days ... for the orders of the commanders of the Palau Islands."

A direct hit by a US bomb on the Japanese ammo dump on O'Keefes Island in the Yap harbor.

Yap Island, August 28, 1945.


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