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Coleman Crew Memorial Service on Yap

On Wednesday, October 26, 2005 on the bow of the Mnuw, Yap Island we gathered with several new friends and chiefs (Andrew Ruepong, Paramount Chief of Yap and Chief of Rul, Bruno Tharngan, Chairman of the Council of Pilung and Chief of Ma’ap and Martin Yinug, FSM Supreme Court Justice) to pay our respect to the Coleman crew. Pat gave a moving speech about the crew and the events of June 25, 1944 concluding his talk with a reading of all ten names of the crew. The chiefs spoke briefly and extended their apologies to Pat and I and the other families of the Coleman crew. In a moving closing Pat and Cherie tossed beautiful tropical flowers into the crystal blue waters in which the crew lie.

Watch the Coleman Crew memorial service video. Click on the following link to watch the video of the Coleman Crew memorial service on Yap in October 2005. The video file is large therefore; a high speed internet connection is needed to view the video. The video will take 4-8 minutes to download and play within Flash on a high speed connection. Watch Video

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