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Continental Airlines/Air Micronesia, Inc., Flight 614 Crash Site -Yap Island

At 0952 local time, on November 21, 1980, Continental Airlines/Air Micronesia, Inc., Flight 614, a Boeing 727-92C, N18479, crashed while attempting to land on runway 7 at runway and the right main landing gear immediately separated from the aircraft. The Yap Airport, Yap, Western Caroline Islands. The aircraft touched down 13 feet short of the aircraft gradually veered off the runway and came to rest in the jungle about 1,700 feet beyond the initial touchdown. Fire erupted along the right side of the aircraft as it came to a stop. All 73 Occupants (67 passengers and 6 crewmembers) escaped before fire destroyed the aircraft. Three persons received serious injuries; the remainder received minor or no injuries.

National Transportation Saftey Board Report dated 10 September 1981
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