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Yap Island Mission Loss—14 June 1944

The following plane was lost on 14 June 1944 on a mission to Yap Island. I would greatly appreciate anyone's help to locate additional information regarding the information listed below.Submit additional information, updates, newpaper articles, pictures, and supporting documents to:

Date: Plane Type: Unit: Crew Names: Supporting Documents:
14 June 1944 B-24J

90th BG, 320th BS All 10 Men listed as MIA:
  1. Joseph D. Mettes
  2. Merlynn A. Zuehlsdorff
  3. Eugene M. Keen
  4. Roger E. Dounce
  5. Benjamin Klayman
  6. John E. Burns
  7. Robert L. Wort
  8. Henry A. Granacki
  9. Arthur F. Miller
  10. Felix R. Bonavita
MACR 5807

AC# 42-73197

MACR #5807
(pdf file 6 MB)


Lost due to weather on mission to Yap.

The following picture was supplied by Ron Klayman. Click on the picture to enlarge.

B-24 named The Ruptured Duck.
Benjamin Klayman is kneeling in first row – far left.
Roger E. Douce is standing on the far right in the back row.

The following pictures, letters, documents and newspaper articles were share by David Keen. His uncle was 2nd Lt Eugene M. Keen (O-690444). He was the navigator on the B-24J-20-CO Liberator (Serial Number 42-73197 with the 90th BG, 320th BS) that went missing on June 14, 1944. The attached newspaper articles were saved by his Grandmother. This particular B-24 went down far from Yap on the way back to their base. They likely ditched the plane due to weather and fuel shortage near Wewak, New Guinea. The plane and the men have never been found. One of many crews who were lost on the long missions to Yap.

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