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F4U Corsair
Marine F4U Corsair Crash Site on Yap Island

We located a F4U Corsair crash site with the help of a Yapese villager, Louis Ruamoon. At first I thought the crash site might be pieces of the Coleman B-24 bomber, however, with the help of others I have positively identified the wreckage as part of a F4U Corsair. The site is spread out over a 800 yard area. The three main pieces we located included the engine (R-2800-18), radio (ARC-5), and tail wheel section of the fuselage. (See the information below and crash site pictures) In addition, I received information from someone on Yap regarding the location of a larger piece of the fuselage with "gull shaped wings" near the crash site. Due to shortage of time I was not able to visit this piece but left a number of disposable cameras with our guides at the Manta Ray Hotel to take pictures of additional wreckage.

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View the crash site wreckage information to identify the plane as a Corsair:

F4U Corsair Data from Naval Aircraft
(pdf file 1.4 MB)

Crash Site Pictures:


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Crash Site Wreckage Information:

R-2800-18 Engine from crash site

New R-2800-18 Engine
Engine: (It was hard to read a lot of the numbers so some of the numbers might be wrong.)

  • 18 cylinder engine with a piston bore of 5.5 inches.
  • The following numbers were found on the engine block in different locations:
    • 4574
    • 37743-130
    • S 50859-62
    • 43266
    • 424 24C
Large piece of rear fuselage and tail wheel area:

Large piece of fuselage with tail wheel from crash site
Back fuselage and tail wheel on a Corsair. Picture
Tail wheel on a Corsair. Picture
  • The piece has a lot of ribs on the inside with electrical elements and a small access door.
  • The piece has a large hydraulic element attached to the metal.
  • A large faded white circle is on the outside of the piece with some yellow.
  • The following numbers and letters were found on the inside of the piece:
    • VS-11875-1
    • 14ST ALCOA-H
    • NAF 1108 3

The Corsair pictures above noted as " Pictures" have been used with permission from Phillip Treweek and


ARC-5 Radio from crash site

New ARC-5 Radio
  • Found a complete T-21 ARC-5 Military Radio near the large piece of wreckage above. The radio is smashed but I can see all the dials and markings. If you look at the pictures on the following pages and compare them to pictures on this web site you'll see an exact match:
  • Radio has all the tags including CORNELL-MADE IN THE USA

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