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VPB-23 Dumbo Flights by Francis H Clifton

I really do have much to add to my first report. Our main wok on Pelieu was night anti-sub patrol around the Palau group, with side Dumbo flights to Yap.

On the flights to Yap, we would plan to get to Yap at the same time as the fighters and stand by and watch a few miles off Yap while the fighters strafted and bombed the island. I had several Dumbo flights in which all fighters returned safely.

On the February 11th flight, my log book states Lt Keith Guthrie was on a Dumbo flight also. I do not remember the details of the day. Perhaps he picked up the downed pilot.

The photos are me (with brief case) and my crew on Guam in 1945. The other one is VPB-23 pilots on Pelieu. (I'm in white tee shirt) You can see we lived with the planes.

Francis Clifton VPB-23

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