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"This Is It" Crew—307th Bomber Group, 372nd Bomber Squadron
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This Is It Crew

13th AF,307th Bomber Group, 372nd Bomber Squadron. This was the crew of "This Is It":

  • 2d Lt. Donald A Macdonald
  • 2d Lt. Clyde E Johnson
  • 2d Lt. Thomas K Williams
  • 2d Lt. Bennett R Black
  • Sgt. Ervin E Johnson
  • Cpl. Billie T Adams
  • Cpl. Eddie A Allen Jr.
  • Cpl. Daniel Casale
  • Cpl. Herman D Brass (top row 2nd from l to r)
  • Cpl. Crispin F Gonzales
Unable to identify which of the 10 is not in the picture. Please email if you can help identify the crew members in the picture.


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