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2nd Lt. James F. Lind—Bombardier

2nd Lt. James F. Lind was the Bombardier on my uncles plane when it was shoot down on 25 June 1944. James F. Lind is the officer standing on the far right of the second row in the crew picure.

Name Position Rank Serial Number Last Known Address Contact Listed
James F. Lind Bombardier 2nd Lt 0-754917 Mrs. Betty A. Lind
1020 West 60th Place
Los Angeles, CA
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2nd Lt. James F. Lind Picture's:
2nd Lt. James F. Lind
2nd Lt. James F. Lind
2nd Lt. James F. Lind
2nd Lt. James F. Lind

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2nd Lt. James F. Lind:
James F. Lind graduated from the Demings, NM bombardier class 43-13 on 11 Sept 1943. The class had 137 cadets, 122 as 2LT's, and 15 as FO's.

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James F. Lind—Information:

  • From: Struthers, Ohio
  • Age 22 when shot down over Yap Island
  • Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Lind
  • Joined the AAF in January 1943
  • Graduated from bombardier school and commissioned a second lieutenant at Deming, NM in September 1943
  • He trained at Santa Ana, CA, Clovis NM and Pueblo, CO before shipping overseas on February 6, 1944
  • Graduated from Struthers High School
  • Employed by Consolidated Aircraft in San Diego before joining the service
  • James made a name in baseball circles in Mahoning County as a pitcher with the American Legion and independent teams in Struthers
  • He later tried out for professional baseball at Tiffin and Fremont O.
  • Member of the St. Nicholas Church in Struthers
  • Married Elizabeth Gutt of Los Angeles in December 1942

2nd Lt. James F. Lind
2nd Lt. James F. Lind
2nd Lt. James F. Lind
Name on the Manila Tablets of the Missing.

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