The Coleman Crew—Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) #10023
Documenting the Life's of the Individual Coleman Crew Members Lost on 25 June 1944 over Yap Island

The Coleman Crew
The Coleman Crew
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The Coleman Crew's B-24J (AAF Serial #44-40598) departed Mokerang Field, Los Negros (Bismarck Archipelago) the morning of June 25, 1944 with the ten crew members listed below. This was a thirteen hour round trip to a heavily defended target without friendly fighter cover. After dropping bombs on the airfield of the Japanese held island, the plane was attacked by a Japanese fighter and crashed on the SE tip of Yap Island. We know the men listed below were lost on 25 June 1944; however, it has been a challenge to figure out the original members of the Coleman crew (picture to the right) and what members joined and left the crew between February 1944 and June 1944. For example, my uncle, John R. McCullough, was not a member of the original crew and we have no idea as of today when he joined the Coleman crew. Please visit the following page for more information about the original crew members vs. the crew members lost on 25 June 1944.

Share Coleman Crew Information! Please contact Pat Ranfranz if you have ANY information to share about the Coleman crew members listed below or the original Coleman crew members web page. Help us located information about the crew members based on the information listed below. Pat would be very interested in hearing from other family members. Please contact Pat Ranfranz at:

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Position Rank Serial Number Last Known Address Contact Listed
Gerald D. Coleman Pilot 2nd Lt 0-806220 Mrs. Kathrine B. Coleman
Box 654
Idabel, Oklahoma
John E., Jr. Jurica Co-Pilot 2nd Lt 0-813010 Mrs. Susan V. Jurica
426 Center Street
Freeland, PA
Martin B. Unger Navigator 2nd Lt 0-814450 Mrs. Pearl C. Unger
675 Walton Street
New York, NY

Pat's Note: On 3/4/05 Pearl Unger advised that this was the wrong address. It should have been 675 Walton Avenue in the Bronx.
James F. Lind Bombardier 2nd Lt 0-754917 Mrs. Betty A. Lind
1020 West 60th Place
Los Angeles, CA
Robert P. Wagoner Engineer T/Sgt 35283528 Mrs. Lavergne I. Wagoner
Box 72
Bison, KS
James R., Jr. Lykens Ass't Engineer S/Sgt 33479095 Mr. Alfred V. Lykens
R.F.D. #1
Coatesville, PA
James R. Hurd Radio Operator T/Sgt 13121851 Mrs. Betty W. Hurd
Box 138
Martinsville, VA
John R. McCullough Ass't Radio Operator T/Sgt 39293812 Mrs. Blanche H. McCullough
330 South Orange Avenue
Covina, CA
Romeo Tetreault Gunner T/Sgt 20113352 Mrs. Beatrice L. Tetreault
130 Tinkham
New Bedford, MA
Bill J. Williams
(or Bill Williams, Jr.)
Armorer Gunner T/Sgt 17038239 Mrs. Alma Williams
114 North Carey
Grand Island, NE

Coleman Crew Memorial on Yap Island

I'm pleased to announce a partnership between the Missing Air Crew Project and the Yap Visitors Bureau (YVB). The two organizations have been working together over the few years to document the history of Yap during World War II. The project goals include creating resources to document and share the history, training the Yap tourism industry on the history, setting up a WWII tour process and to create memorials to remember the lifes lost during WWII. The following pictures are of the Coleman Crew memorial that now sits on the shore of the harbor in Colonia, Yap to honor the ten missing crew members including my uncle.

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