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Here's some Japanese reports regarding Yap activity during the summer of 1944 (June and July):

You can find KODO for 201st Air Unit (201st was deployed at naval air fields such as Palau, Yap, Peleliu, Cebu, Davao in P.I. in the middle of 1944)

C08051649000, insert this C0851... into the blank. Kodo for 201st will come out. (47 images)

Please open the 23rd image from the beginning. Total number of image for C0805.. is 47.
23/47 (March 22 1944) Nine Zeros for 201 Ku departed for a sub-patrol, not eventful except one Zero ditched 1300 meter away from Angaur harbor.

24/47 (March 28 1944) CAP over Palau, very tired.

25/47 (March 27 1944) Cap over Palau, sleepy.

26/47 (March 30 1944) 20Zeros vs. over 70 USN VF and VB over Palau (hours of contact is unknown), 15F6F kills including 3 probables, two TBD(?) kills, 9Zeros failed to return, 2Zeros ditched.

37/47 (June 23 1944) Three Zeros flew from YAP to Guam, Attacked 3B24 at 1700(JST) and several scout planes at 180 n.m. of Guam. Two Zeros lost. Only one arrived Guam.

39/47 (July 8 1944) On the way to Peleliu from Guam two Zeros for 201 ku met across US fighters at 150 n.m. from Guam. 201Ku and other Zeros intercepted hostile fighters. Both for 201st were lost.

40/47 (July 16 1944) Interception over Yap, 8Zeros intercepted 20B-24s at 1105 (JST), 8Zeros returned. Claimed one kill, one probable, eight damaged.

41/47 (July 17 1944) CAP over YAP, 9Zeros, not eventful.

42/47 (July 18 1944) Interception over YAP, 9Zeros vs.19B-24s at 1110(JST), All Zeros returned, claim two kills, two probables, four damaged.

43/47 (July19 1944) Interception over YAP. 7Zeros vs 16B24 at 1120(JST) 12 B24 damaged, 3 Zeros holed.

44/47 (July 19 1944) Interception over YAP, 3Zeros vs 11B24 at 1230(JST) 2 Probales and four damaged. One Zero lost (KIA)

45/47 (July 20 1944) CAP over YAP, not eventful.

46/47 (July 20 1944) Interception over YAP, 7Zeros vs.15 B24 at 1120 (JST) One probable, two damaged, 3 Zeros holed.

47/47 (July 21 1944) Interception over YAP, 7Zeros vs. 20 B24 at 1100 (JST), 3kills, 3 prob., 6 damaged, 2 Zero lost (Kodo says that the 2 Zeros threw themselves to Liberators)

1/44 (JUly 21 1944) Interception over YAP, same as 47/47 above (a simple mistake)
2/44 (July 22 1944) Interception over YAP at 1050(JST) , 4Zeros vs. 22B-24, two kills, five damaged, 2Zeros holed
3/44 (July 23 1944) Interception over YAP at 1050, five Zeros vs 25B24, five damaged

201 Ku moved to Cebu, and Davao, P.I. in late July.

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