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I have been in contact with a Japanese WWII researcher recently. He has provided a lot of very helpful information. He has helped me confirmed that only five American's were captured on Yap during the war. The five would be two members of the Lt. Anthony Crew shot down on 8/10/1944 and three UDT men (now called SEALS) who were captured on 8/13/1944. Here's some of the information he has shared:

I found a document for Department of Demobilization (#1) (#1 = army, on the other hand #2 is navy) written by Col. ETO, Daihachi, the Commander of 49th Independent Composite Brigade which was responsible of the defend of Yap after July 2, 1944 until war's end. He was the Commander of 4th Detachment (different from one in Okinawa in 1945) which was also responsible for the defense of Yap from earlier 1944 (from the Detachment landed on the island in Feb. or March ,1944 to July 2, 1944)  4th Detachment was a little bit re-organized and changed its name to 49th I.C.R.Col. ETO (please pronounce eh'toh, not ee'toh ) writes in this document that the Brigade captured only 5 Americans (they were not formal P.O.W.s yet on Yap) during the war.Two (AAF) were captured on Aug. 10 1944, and were sent to Palau in KISEI-MARU on Aug.11, 1945.
Three Frogmen captured (date is not written in this document ) and were sent to Palau on the following day. He does not mention any other captured Americans in this documents, I am sorry. Very interesting thing is that this document was received by the Department of Demobilization (#1) on March 7 1946, but Col. HATTORI, Takushiro (who started working for this Department from May 1946) took this document home and hid it at his home. I don't think this document contains any critical descriptions, not so exciting to read either.This document was returned to the officials in June 1960, shortly after Mr. HATTORI passed away on April 30, 1960.
I don't know why he did such a thing. GHQ (Gen. MacArthur) demanded Chinese to send him back to Japan and he was working for GHQ from 1947 to 1951. I don't know why GHQ wanted him so badly.

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